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The Education Of Sizeists

12/14/07 03:52 pm - jade_faith

Anti-Fat Bingo!Collapse )

12/12/07 02:00 am - jade_faith

This is the most misogynistic, sizeist, and fatphobic commercial I've ever seen.

12/3/07 11:19 pm - jade_faith

It's blatantly obvious that in Western society, women of size have no place. If you watch a music video, open a magazine, read a book, go to fat_rejection and/or ohnotheydidnt, view dating profiles, ask people, see a movie etc. the datee or heroine must be the idealized thin. The so-called "some meat on her bones" barely even reaches the average-sized woman. Not only do we live in a misogynistic society, but most of all, fatphobic. According to American and most Western societies, a woman is not truly feminine unless she is under a size ten. Hell, I've even seen someone's comments in YouTube after watching a video that a fat person's opinion doesn't even count. It's especially hard on women. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, there were influences such as Aretha Franklin and Mama Cass Elliot of the pop quartet The Mamas & The Papas. A black woman and a white woman had paved the road for American music. They had nothing in common except for their sizes. But these women had success. The music industry didn't focus on their sizes. Fourty to thirty years have passed since then and now even a plus-sized woman cannot even find success on the god-forsaken show American Idol with the fatphobic Simon Cowell and the rest of America making inappropriate comments about her weight. Today, the only plus-sized women I can look up into the music industry are Eliza Carthy and Beth Ditto. Even these wonderful musicians still receive shit about their sizes.

All of this has created a cycle of internalized fatphobia and I know well myself, I have it. I want women of size to be featured on runway shows. ( Gaultier is already beginning to see the light ). On Vogue, Marie Claire, Allure, Cosmopolitan, Glamor etc. I want to see a plus-sized woman the heroine of a horror or romantic comedy movie. I want to read about how the fat chick gets the dude in the end of a good romance novel.

Regarding internal fatphobia, how to deal with it? How often do you struggle with it?

This is ever the inspiration for me.

11/30/07 08:45 am - jade_faith

Hai guise, just to let you know the "obesity epidemic" is officially over! You can open your mail and leave your bomb anorexia/bulimia clinics nao! t3h fat is not contagious anymore! w00t! This calls for some Slimfast and poundcake!

Oh, and there's Obesity Myths for the win, because it breaks the myths of obesity. It's a good site, check it out!

7/31/07 06:01 pm - jade_faith

I made a post six months ago regarding my father wanting me to get the Lap-Band Surgery. Well, recently, I did some more research on it and I discovered that I will have to go on a liquid diet before the surgery and avoid solid foods. During this time, my skin will become dull and lifeless, my teeth and nails brittle, and my hair will fall out. I also have to avoid these foods as long as I have the lap-band inside of me:

Dried fruits
Corn (especially popcorn)
Nuts and seeds (walnuts, whole peanuts, almonds)
Carbonated beverages
High caloric foods/drinks
Starchy foods

I might as well forget about my favorites such as asparagus, almonds, walnuts, popcorn, rice, grapes, pineapple, and certain dried fruits. Especially when those foods are rich in antioxidants and nutrients. I will be sickly most of the time also.

I already eat well, my problem is is that I don't exercise. I look a pilates class twice a week from May to July and I discovered to have lost weight in my stomach and my thighs and hips became more firm and even.

I have proved that you don't need surgery or a foreign object in your body to lose weight, I can do it all on your own. I don't want to go through life avoiding the foods my body needs the most and I don't want to be a walking skeleton who's sick all the time. Fuck this so-called "cure".

6/29/07 10:03 pm - jade_faith - A thought.

I wonder, even though some or most of are plus-sized (or if you prefer "fat"), do we really love ourselves? I personally acknowledge the fact that I am a fat person and deserve the same rights and privileges as non-fat people. But, I am still trying to accept it. Sometimes, I try to see myself as a under a size 10. Sometimes I feel that our misogynistic media has brainwashed me into never accepting my body, no matter what size. We all have body issues, but honestly, how do you begin to unlearn with what society has poisoned you with?

3/7/07 12:46 am - jade_faith - Thin Privilege

Everyday as a thin person ...

I can be sure that people aren't embarrassed to be seen with me because of the size of my body.

If I pick up a magazine or watch T.V. I will see bodies that look like mine that aren't being lampooned, desexualized, or used to signify laziness, ignorance, or lack of self-control.

When I talk about the size of my body I can be certain that few other people will hope they are never the same size.

I do not have to be afraid that when I talk to my friends or family they will mention the size of my body in a critical manner, or suggest unsolicited diet products and exercise programs.

I will not be accused of being emotionally troubled or in psychological denial because of the size of my body.

I can attend meetings, classes, and conversations and not feel excluded, fearful, attacked, isolated, outnumbered, unheard, held at a distance, stereotyped, or feared because of the size of my body.

I never have to speak for size acceptance as a movement. My thoughts about my body can be my own with no need for political alliance relative to size.

I can be sure that when I go to a class, or movie, or restaurant that I will find a place to sit in which I am relatively comfortable.

I don't have to worry that if I am talking about feeling of sexual attraction people are repelled or disgusted by the size of my body. People can imagine me in sexual circumstances.

People won't ask me why I don't change the size of my body.

My masculinity or femininity will not be challenged because of the size of my body.

I can be sure that if I need medical or legal help my size will not work against me.

I am not identified by the size of my body.

I can walk in public with my significant other and not have people double take or stare.

I can go for months without thinking about or being spoken to about the size of my body.

I am not grouped because of the size of my body.

I will never have to sit quietly and listen while other people talk about the ways in which they avoid being my size.

I don't have to worry that won't be hired for a job that I can do because of the size of my body.


3/7/07 12:35 am - jade_faith

Uppity Women: Fat Positive Links. I think you ladies might enjoy these links.

1/15/07 01:37 am - jade_faith

Fat acceptance group celebrates living large. I have found this article to be very empowering.

12/30/06 06:45 pm - dysgr8mystake - Debunking Thin

This is just a first post by one of the maintainers; jade_faith is your main mod, I'm one of the backups. The info states the rules fairly concretely, so I won't worry too much about that. If you've got any questions about the comm that aren't answered by the info, go ahead nad leave a comment here. If you are refused admittance (though it is unlikely) and would like to know why, e-mail jade_faith (her email is in the info) or myself (dirty_shanene at hotmail dot com-and yes, I know how weird that email name looks... there's a story), and one or both of us will get back to you.

So charge on ahead.
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